Pin Pushers
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A community of 3,333 unique pranksters, rascals, tricksters, and degens connected through art and the Ethereum blockchain.


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Welcome to the world of Pin Pushers! We are a community of pranksters, rascals, tricksters, and comic book lovers.

Emerging from the slimy swamps of the south and making their way into the grimy city alleys, this mischievous bunch of 3,333 unique Pin Pushers will definitely have you on your toes. This randomly generated group of degenerates will become your little minion, that devil on your shoulder telling you to keep investing, buying the dip, and whispering in your ear that you need more NFT’s.

We love telling stories and bringing those stories to life. Using looping 2D animations and shorts, we will awaken the Pin Pushers so they can dive into the realm of cartoons.Each Pin Pusher has its own personality and background story and that’s for you to decide! We encourage you to explore the lore of who and what your Pin Pusher can be. We will occasionally be hosting “casting calls” in the form of raffles to use your personal Pin Pusher and have you help us develop an idea to use for one of our short animations. In return, the owner of that Pin Pusher will receive an NFT animation of their little friend. Some of our in house animations will sporadically be airdropped to all holders as an NFT, others may be placed for auction as a 1/1 NFT with a percentage of proceeds used to grow our Pin Pusher team and further our animation opportunities.

As a Pin Pusher NFT holder you will also receive 100% commercial and creative rights to your NFT character!

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Pin Pusher NFT is a collection of 3,333 unique characters.

Originally created in 2018 as a street art character, founder and lead artist, Brett, aka Pin Pusher,
has painted a couple hundred of these characters around along with canvas work and full murals.
These Pin Pushers have also been seen in numerous art galleries around Denver.

Now transforming into the NFT world, these Pin Pushers will be yours to hodl and love. Along
with the PFP project, from time to time we will be releasing looping 2D animations and shorts
that will use some of the Pin Pusher characters in the stories. Raffles will be held for holders to
have their personal Pin Pusher to be the star of some of the animations, along with helping create
the story or idea, exclusive sneak peeks, and an NFT of that animation!

There will be 3,333 unique assets generated using an algorithm. 

One Pin Pusher will cost 0.05 ETH + Gas fees to mint.

Yes, minting will be limited to 6 Pin Pushers per wallet. Presale will be limited to 3, so 9 total Pin Pushers if you get on presale!

1. Go to to download the Official Metamask Wallet or MetaMask smart phone app
2. Download the MetaMask wallet extension via google chrome or any other browser 
3. Put ETH in your connected wallet (Minting will cost 0.05+gas fees) You can purchase directly from MetaMask or send ETH from, coinbase or any exchange to your MetaMask wallet
4. Go to and create a free account
5. Head to at launch time and click the "MINT" button, then "Connect Your Wallet" 
6. Select how many Pin Pusher’s you would like (3 for presale, 6 for public launch), click "MINT" and confirm the transaction 
7. Your Pin Pusher’s will show up soon in the account section after transaction confirmation and in your MetaMask wallet
8. You are now a Pin Pusher holder! Welcome to the Posse!
9. After 100% sell out the Pin Pusher reveal will occur, head to your MetaMask account and refresh the metadata to get your Pin Pusher to appear

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